Active Spirituality

Astrology week 10/26/20 with Meditation Energy Boost

October 25, 2020

Active Spirituality: Cries for justice and the pandemic affect the entire planet. The USA is in the throes of transformation. Every one of us has impact on how humanity reshapes itself at this pivotal time.

Gain insight and perspective. Astrologer Pamela Cucinell provides a forecast to ground and center as we head towards the October Blue Moon: the Taurus Full Moon. Get highlights for this week of October 25, 2020. Master Healer Suzy Meszoly creates a guided activation meditation to support the ride.

Our Active Spirituality community is for motivated people who want an energy refresh, spiritual connection and timing advantage to heighten confidence in their daily life. Please share us with your friends. If you'd rather get this delivered to your mailbox on Saturday to better prepare, you can find out more 

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